Windows Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking Training in Meerut

Ethical Hacking

If you feel that you have what it takes to be a serious hacker then you must first know a clear definition of hacking and how to be an ethical hacker. Become familiar with unix environments and if you are only just starting to learn to hack, visit a local library and find some books on various operating systems on the internet and how they work. Or you could go to a book store and buy a couple internet security books. They often explain how hackers penetrate systems and that is something a beginner could use as an advantage.

Setting up a Ethical Hacking lab

I like to always have two diffirent machine configured (a Windows and a Kali linux). if you are comfortable diffirent baseline platform, feel free to build your own machine. I have minimum nine Operating System configured in my Virtual Machine.

Hardware Requirment

Before we can start installing virtual machine in our base machine and installing tools, we need to make sure we have a computer that is capable of running everything. It doesn’t matter if you run windows, Unix/Linux, or MAC OS as your baseline system.

  1. Laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM
  2. 1 TB of hard drive space and 250 GB Solid State space
  3. Min 2 GB graphics Card
  4. i7 intel Quad Core processor
  5. VMware Workstation
  6. Some DVDs and Pendrives
  7. One Android Mobile for experiment purpose
  8. External USB wireless card (Alfa AWUS051NH)

Software Requirment

KALI LINUX(Kali Linux)

Highly Recommended for Kali Linux

  1. BeFF
  2. Veil
  3. Mimikartz
  4. Burp Suit
  5. Discover Scripts
  6. Password List
  7. FireFox with Addon
  8. PowerSploit
  9. Responder

Highly Recommended for Windows Machine Setup

  1. All Operating System ISO image for Virtual Machine Steup (Win XP2, Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10, Window server 2000,Kali linux 1, Kali Linux 2, Backtrack R3 etc)
  2. Firefox (3.6.18 and Latest Firefox)
  3. Delete All the account and keep the administrator account with a password
  4. Disable Windows Defender and Windows Updates
  5. Disable Windows Firewall
  6. Disable User Account Control Settings
  7. Turn Off The messages of Action control settings
  8. TaskBar Icon notification area show all icons.
  9. Enable Telnet ,Enable Remote Desktop, create a shared folder in your desktop
  10. Install Mozilla Firefox, Change the Default HomePage to google,remove remember password for sites, disable automatic firefox update,addon update, search engine update
  11. open internet explorer and set as default page
  12. Install adobe flash player
  13. Microsoft Office 2010
  14. Turn Off Office 2010 Update
  15. Install CCLEANER
  16. Install Orbit Downloader
  17. install Zoiper,NotePad ++,WinRAR, 7Zip, Daemon Tool, VNC Viewer, Team Viewer, Hotspot Shield, Java JRE, xAMPP, Deep Freeze, WinPcap,
  18. Addons : Tamper Data, FireBug,User Agent, Cookie Import, Cookie Export, Proxy Tool, FireSheep, Hack Bar, Grease monkey, cookie injector
  19. Install VMWARE
  20. Install Antivirus (Updated) and add expection to a folder in a C drive d drive and in desktop share.
  21. Turn off auto update



Software list to Windows

  1. Metasploit
  2. Nessus
  3. Nmap
  4. Kon Boot
  5. Cain and Abel
  6. Burp Suit Pro
  7. oclHashcat
  8. Evade (Used for AV Evasion)
  9. Putty
  10. etc.

Cracking is not hacking, so just remember that…If you are seriously into becoming a hacker, check out your local library, or bookstoor, and pick up programming books…HTML, C, JAVA, anything…Don’t buy ‘hacking books’ they don’t help much, they just tell you about hacks, and social engineering.