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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a way to make intelligent machine which is think and behave intelligently. These machines are controlled by software inside them, so AI has a lot to do with intelligent software programs that control these machines.

Artificial Intelligence is a manner of constructing a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a code assume showing intelligence, within the similar manner the intelligent humans assume. AI is accomplished by learning how human brain thinks and the way how humans learn, decide, and work whereas attempting to resolve a tangle, and then using the outcomes of this study as a basis of developing intelligent code, software and systems.

Invention of AI -At first a knowledge can directly to supervise of manufacture (without man) -At first a possibility of automatic creating of new knowledge is appearing

  • AI can learn through data
  • AI can teach itself
  • AI can respond in real time
  • AI achieves accuracy
  • Understanding Intelligence

In this training, Advanced Python, you’ll learn advanced topics, a knowledge of which will set you apart from the greater number of Python developers. By the end of this training, you’ll know enough Python to understand the advanced techniques used to implement sophisticated frameworks and much more.

What is Intelligence Composed Of?

The intelligence is intangible. It is composed of

  • – Reasoning
  • – Learning
  • – Problem Solving
  • – Perception
  • – Linguistic Intelligence

Application of AI

  • -Speech Recognition
  • -Handwriting Recognition
  • -Face Recognition
  • -Voice Recognition
  • -Intelligent Robots
  • -Gamimg
  • -Natural Language Processing
  • -Expert Systems
  • -Vision Systems
  • -Robotics

Why Python For Artificial Intelligence?

Using with AI, we want to build smart systems and understand the concept of intelligence as well.The intelligent systems that we construct are very useful in understanding how an intelligent system work like our brain goes about constructing another intelligent system.

  • -Simple syntax & less coding
  • -Inbuilt libraries for AI projects
  • -Open source
  • -Can be used for broad range of programming

One of the main reasons we want to study AI is to automate many things. We live in a world where:

  • -We deal with huge and insurmountable amounts of data. The human brain can’t keep track of so much data.
  • -Data originates from multiple sources simultaneously.
  • -The data is unorganized and chaotic.
  • -Knowledge derived from this data has to be updated constantly because the data itself keeps changing.
  • -The sensing and actuation has to happen in real time with high precision.

Even though the human brain is great at analyzing things around us, it cannot keep up with the preceding conditions. We need AI systems that can:

  • -Handle large amounts of data in an efficient way. With the advent of Cloud
  • -Computing, we are now able to store huge amounts of data.
  • -Ingest data simultaneously from multiple sources without any lag.
  • -Index and organize data in a way that allows us to derive insights.
  • -Learn from new data and update constantly using the right learning algorithms.
  • -Think and respond to situations based on the conditions in real time.