About our company

Krypsec Digital Security

Krypsec is a team of Network Infosec Professionals and Developers contributing to secure the IT Industry by providing Multiple Services to the individuals and Corporate.

Krypsec offers wide ranges of security services to it clients. We are designed, developed and established with an aim of delivering Ethical Hacking training, Software Development and we provide Python Programming Language workshops and Seminar which is headquartered in Noida. Our Official Website: Kryptora


Our Mission

Our main Motto is to aware students and Professionals about Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security,Hacking with Python, UNIX, LINUX Servers, PHP with Security, Python with Desktop Application Development, Data Analysis, Android Application Development using Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and much more. We educate students and professionals about the latest technology, Desktop Application Development using Python, Web Application Development using Python, Android/iOS Application Development using Python, Hacking with Python, Game Development using Python, Vulnerabilities patches, loopholes, insecure Gateways, and provide them Latest techniques by which they can secure themselves. Our Official Website: Kryptora

Practice Areas

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Workshops & Seminars

We have conceptualized workshops, Seminars & various developmental programs in Cyber Security, Python, Hacking with Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, UNIX/Linux, JAVA, and Android.

IT Training & Cyber Security

We have training programs to provide IT Training & Cyber Security training for Engineering and College students.We also deliver information security training to the government agencies, private sectors and educational institutions.

IT Solutions

We design and develop Software and Web Application to meet your organization’s specific requirements and business needs. Our team has a diverse skill set, so whether you need, we are here to help.

Internship & Funded Research

We conduct internship program, under the impact of our expert’s team. We are Team Worker; we work in collaboration. Interns can also expect a funded research project, depending upon the quality and market reputation for an output of that project.

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